Why I am a Libertarian

First off what is a Libertarian?  My definition of a Libertarian is a person that believes in limited government, but is huge on social freedom.  This is Wikipedia’s definition of Libertarianism – “Libertarianism (Latin: liber, “free”) is a political philosophy that upholds liberty as its principal objective. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association, and the primacy of individual judgment.[1][2]”  Usually the Political Science textbook definition of the Libertarian Party is Conservative Government and Liberal Social Freedoms. 

I became a Libertarian around 2008.  Before that I was a devoted Republican, born and raised.  I loved the Republican party because I supported small government and conservative values.  I never had any interest in supporting the Democratic party.  They pretty much stood for everything I didn’t believe in.  In Political Science class, I learned that Republicans represented small government and limited (conservative) social freedom and the Democratic party represented big government and liberal social freedoms.  But I never agreed with that. I thought Democrats were limited on some social freedoms, too. Yes, Republicans are typically against abortion and pro death penalty, but they are for the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.  Democrats are for abortion, but they want limits on guns, speech (they only want liberal and socialist ideas to be sounded out), and religion.  Plus if you have some endangered animal living on your property, they want to be able to take away your property to protect the species.  Oh and don’t forget Al Gore’s wife, Tipper, was on the board to censor music.  So I never understood on how the Democratic party became the party of social freedoms.  To me they are just a bunch of hypocrites that want to control every aspect of your life.

I left the Republican party because they started to really let me down.  They were acting more and more like Democrats.  They didn’t have a backbone.  They were becoming the Democratic party’s whipping boy.  It was becoming hard to watch.  I was excited when George W Bush became president because I thought I’d start to see some real change, but I got nothing.  He just turned into a moderate.  When I’d go to vote Republican, I felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils. I don’t know why the Republican party doesn’t get it. To me it’s obvious what needs to be done, but they are so out of touch with their base and divided.

That’s when I decided to become Libertarian.  I have always respected Libertarian ideals. The only issues that kept me from being Libertarian were, firstly, the idea that voting Libertarian is considered a “wasted vote” and, secondly, that I wanted a “moral” country. To elaborate on that second thought, I felt if I were to vote Libertarian that means “everything” would become legal.  Drugs would be rampant on the streets.  Prostitution would be everywhere.  Also, people would start marrying their dogs.  Right?

Well, not exactly.  First of all our government is made up of a system of checks and balances, so not everything would become legal overnight.  I mean Libertarians are not Anarchists.  Secondly, after much thought, I’ve come to realize mine and a lot of other freedoms that we the people enjoy are getting limited in the government we currently have. For example, I might be okay with guns being outlawed or a motorcyclist being forced to wear a helmet.  I mean what’s the big deal those laws don’t affect me especially since I don’t own a gun or a motorcycle, but eventually it becomes a slippery slope and one my favorite personal freedoms will be affected.  I am a Christian.  There are already limits on my faith and my church, and there are going to be even more in the future.  I can see it already.

The American government is becoming out of control and imposing its idea of what’s right and wrong on people.  Government tells us who we can or cannot marry.  I say why is the government in the marriage business anyways?  If you want to marry Jack and/or Jill, then go marry them, in the end its between you and God.  Why do we feel this paper from the government validates what we do?  There is a show called “Sister Wives” on TLC.  Is it against the law to have multiple wives, yes, but does this guy consider himself married to his wives?  Um appears to be.  People are doing what they want already.  The government’s restrictions are nothing more than a superficial Bandaid.  Drugs are illegal, but do people still do drugs?  Yes!  There are limitations guns, but do people still obtain them illegally? Yes! Speeding is against the law, but do people still break the speed limit?  Yes!  Just think of all the money – OUR money – that the government spends to enforce these laws, and in the end doesn’t do any good.

I’ve come to realize that I do want a moral country, but the government isn’t the one that needs to enforce it, but us the people.  I raise my child to become a moral outstanding person, not the government.  If prostitution or drugs did become legal, I’ll be the one to teach my child my morals on these issues.  I mean I have to do that now don’t I?   If we choose Libertarianism, think of all the money the government could save so it can pay off the national debt.  We could get rid of a lot of money sucking programs that the government provides.  And I’m not saying all these programs would go away, but would be privatized instead.  If people want to keep programs to warn us about drugs or why we should wear seatbelts then have them.  Concerned citizens would donate their time and money to get these programs going.  They do right now right?  Do they really need the governments help?   Watch those tax dollars go down!!  Let churches, charities, and privatized clinics or shelters take care of those in need not the government.  Think of how honest our politicians would become because there would be no payoffs.  I also think it would be a great idea to get the government out of our schools, and let those be privatized as well.  We could have Christian schools, Muslim schools, schools for all types of learning styles. To me that’s freedom!!

So why do we need the government?   Well the government would be limited to what it needs to do such as protect our nation from foreign invaders by providing a military, it would provide peace and safety to its citizens by enforcing laws, courts, and jails/prisons to punish those who cause harm to others and/or their property.

So now when I vote Libertarian, I don’t think of it as a wasted vote.  I see it as a vote for change.  A much needed change we need in this country.

So I challenge you to do your homework if you are tired of the two party system to look into the Libertarian party.  It’s not a fly by night party like the Reform Party.  It was established in 1971.  If you want to learn more, here is a link:  https://www.lp.org/introduction/what-is-the-libertarian-party

Vote for true change!  Vote for Gary Johnson!!!

Below are links to some quizzes to find out if you are a Libertarian:




Political Spectrum



Political scale




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